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Lucky Kitty Studio

Edison - Curious Blue - Digital Download

Digital Download

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Light exposing the curiosities of brilliant imagination suspended in time. Fragments of life to be captured in the Edison light to keep forever.

9 High Resolution 400 DPI JPG Files Included in Digital Download Zip File

Why Choose Digital Download Artwork Files?

❥ No waiting 😊 – Instant digital download.

❥ Hang your artwork on the same day by printing at home or at a local print shop.

❥ Create posters, wall decorations, personal greeting cards, gifts and more for personal use only.

❥ You choose the paper, size, frame, and printer to make the final artwork reflect your unique style.

Digital Files Included

❥ ISO ratio for printing
[International Standard Size]
5x7” | A1 | A2 | A3 | A4 | A5

❥ 1:1 [square] ratio for printing
5x5” | 6x6” | 8x8” | 10x10” | 12x12” | 20x20”

❥ 2:3 ratio for printing
4x6” | 8x12” | 12x18” | 16x24” | 20x30” | 24x36”

❥ 3:4 ratio for printing
6x8” | 9x12” | 12x16” | 15x20” | 18x24”

❥ 4:5 ratio for printing
4x5” | 8x10” | 12x15” | 16x20”

❥ Bonus Files:
4x6” with crop mark
5x7” with crop mark


❥ What is digital download printable artwork?
Digital download printable artwork is art in jpg format that is available instantly after purchase.

❥ What does 400dpi mean?
DPI means "dots per inch" so in one square inch there are a specific number of dots of color. A normal image seen on the internet is 72DPI.

❥ How should I save my files? How long are the files available for download after purchase?
We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop to save your files. Saving to a mobile device, may cause the files to not save correctly.
The files are available for download three times.
Please contact us at if you have any issues accessing the files for download.

Please see our complete FAQ page

Shipping Information

No physical products will be shipped.

Return Policy for Digital Download Files

No refunds, returns, exchanges, or cancellations on digital downloads.

However, we want you to be happy with your artwork so please reach out to us with any concerns at

Please see our complete Returns, Refunds & Replacement Policy

Why choose our digital download artwork?

❥ We specialize in creating artwork with rich colors and high-resolution 400DPI.

❥ We offer 9 jpg files with a wide range of sizes including an international size.